Christa Mackinnon

Kamdaris Psychological Consultancy
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Welcome to my website, which is designed to provide you with information about my training courses and workshops. It also gives you access and links to my publications and talks.

I am a Social Psychologist, Family Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and group facilitator with over 25 years of professional experience. I also trained in EMDR and Stress Management and apprenticed to various spiritual and indigenous shamanic teachers. Besides of being an honorary fellow / associated lecturer at two Medical Schools, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, where I provide special study units on trauma as well as clinical hypnosis, I train and lecture via my company ‘Kamdaris Psychological Consultancy and Training’, nationally and internationally, for a wide range of institutions and organisations, and facilitate personal development workshops, combining the ancient psycho-spiritual and shamanic with the contemporary therapeutic.

This website provides information about:

  • CPD courses for Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists and Counsellors.

  • Training courses designed around the subject of trauma, PTSD and related mental/emotional and psycho-social issues

  • 'Soul Journeys' - psycho-spiritual development workshops

The advanced CPD courses are based on my decade of experience as the SW course director and senior lecturer for a large clinical hypnosis and therapy training college. The courses on trauma, PTSD and related subjects, such as child abuse, the psychosocial effects of multiple traumas in conflict zones and therapeutic work with adult survivors of abuse, are designed to suit the requirements of specific institutions and organisations. ‘Soul Journeys’ are a series of personal development workshops I run in Devon in which I combine my knowledge and experience of Western approaches to therapy, coaching and development with indigenous, spiritual ways.

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